The team behind our invite a friend marketing platform

We're a diverse team from different backgrounds, and we're looking for talented people with a passion for creating awesome software to join us!

Why Work Here

What, other than getting a tight-fitting superhero costume and fighting crime?

  • On-demand retrospectives with milkshakes

  • Flexible work arrangements and no timesheets

  • Multi-cultural, multi-background team

  • Hardware budget and a big screen

  • Conference budget

  • Diverse tech stack – right tools for the right job

"We thrive on responsibility."

- Zubair Khan, CTO

About the Team

We're a balanced, diverse team with different skill sets and levels of experience, united in our mission to create software that's always useful, valuable and better than before.

Technical challenges aside, we believe in solving bigger problems and putting the customers first. We do what it takes to build the right thing and have both the freedom and the ability to do so.

How We Work

We have a flat team structure where everyone is responsible for creating and fleshing out user stories, and all of our developers work on the whole stack. Continuous delivery, automated testing, code reviews and pairing are among the best practices we follow. We're agile, hold ourselves accountable, and have a blame-free culture. Read more about how we work.

“Our user research indicates that the responsive view will benefit from at least 20% more cats.”

- Jimmy Grant, CXO

Meet the Heroes

Our product team is lean and mean – we boast expertise in back-end and front-end development, user research, UX and interaction design, all bundled together with a healthy dose of client knowledge about how to keep our users happy.

* We may or may not possess superpowers... but there's absolutely no Hulk among us.

How We Build

We work in the way that makes us happy, productive and confident that what we create is awesome.

  • Test-Driven Development

  • Continuous Delivery

  • Automated Testing

  • Code Reviews

  • Pairing

  • Continuous Learning

Our Stack

We use the right tool for the job, whatever it might be. Here are some of the tools we've been using:

“The only thing more awesome than our dev team is the amazing product they're building.”

- Gideon Lask, CEO

Open Positions

We're looking for developers at all levels with the following superpowers to join the tech team .

Product Engineer

Full-time | Victoria, London | Competitive salary

You are interested in:
  • Making software that's useful, valuable and better than before
  • Working on a diverse set of engineering challenges
  • Thinking about the customer/user, contributing product ideas, and discovering insights through A/B testing, analytics, etc.
  • A supportive learning environment with a diverse team in terms of skill sets, levels of experience and background
  • Having the freedom to solve problems creatively
  • Working with very clear demand for your output
What you'll do on our team:
  • Build amazing user-facing features, working across the entire stack
  • Take full ownership of projects from design to implementation and deployment, with skilled support from everyone on the team
  • Tackle tough engineering and product problems
  • Come up with new ideas alongside our design team to continually iterate on the experience
  • Work cross-functionally to evaluate the relative importance of and need for product initiatives
  • Experience working with Ruby (at least one year), Rails and relational databases
  • Proficiency in HTML and CSS
  • Great team-working and communication skills
  • Desire and ability to learn quickly
  • Empathy for the end users
Bonus skills:
  • Experience with Elixir
  • Experience with other high-level languages
  • Experience with CoffeeScript, Sass and Slim
  • Experience with ES6 and Vue.js
  • Understanding of OOP JavaScript
  • Experience with Photoshop/Illustrator
  • Previous experience in a similar industry

Interested? Apply on our Workable page. (Direct applicants only.)